Online neurology Consult- Adults and Children

When to take online consult:

  1. You only want to discuss your report or want an opinion of your neurological condition
  2. If you want to discuss what medicines to continue and what to stop
  3. If you feel that medicines is not responding and you want change in treatment
  4. If you are well on previous medicines and only want to discuss further course of treatment
  5. If you want to discuss your case before coming to clinic
  6. If have some urgent problem and need urgent discussion (Pls mention that you need emergency consultation)
  7. You have shown other doctors and are confused with line of treatment and want to discuss your medical problem
  1. Step 1: Pay through QR code or Payment link for online consult
    International payment by PayPal. Click link ** Or type username *drsumeetdhawan* or phone no *8208537763* 
    Or phonepe or google pay or paytm *8208537763*

Adults- Rs 825

Consultation charges for children – First visit- Rs 1550 (Follow up- Rs 999)

Consultation charges for children with speech delay, hyperactivity, autism, ADHD, behavior and learning problems- Rs 1550

International Patients- Rs 2,050. 25 us dollars, 40 canadian/australian dollars, 22 british pounds

Step 2- Whatsapp your details

Please specify your Name, Age, City, Current weight, Height

Blood pressure

Previous Medical records of all doctors you have shown, your blood test reports

Ongoing medicines with brand name and doses, and snaps of medicines

Any history of hypertension, diabetes, thyroid, allergy, medicine allergy

Any previous tests especially MRI reports, NCV report, EEG report

Pls message snap of payment confirmation

  1. Please do not call again and again after payment..I might be busy with other patients who are waiting in line…
  2. The patients in clinic are given first priority. Online consult will only be done after all the OPD patients are seen
  3. In case of emergency issues, it is advisable to see the nearest available doctor
  4. The waiting time for online consult is 1-3 days and we may not be able to give you exact appointment timing
  5. Consultation charges valid for single call only… Repeat charges for next consult
  1. The charges for online consult are higher than the clinic charges, as time taken for doctor is much more than physical consult.
  2. We always suggest a clinic visit rather than online consult for local Tricity Residents

Dr Sumeet Dhawan

Consultant Neurologist-Adult and Child

DM Ped Neurology (PGI, Chandigarh)


online neurologist consultation