EEG test preparation- Read properly before coming !!

Preparation for EEG test, BERA test and VEP test

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  • Preparation is similar for EEG test, BERA test and VEP test
  • Wash your hair the night before the EEG test
  • don’t put any products (like sprays or gels) in your hair Make a list of your medications and give it to the technician performing the EEG test.
  • Avoid eating or caffeinated drinks for at least eight hours
  • For children- Wake the child early. Do not let the child sleep before the EEG test. We will administer sedative (not anaesthesia) to the child to make the child sleep. The child may taken 30min-2hours to sleep. Pls inform inf orm if your child had any problems with EEG test/sedation/sleeping 
  • For adults- Sleep as little as possible the night (and wake up 2-3 early than usual) before the EEG test if you have to sleep during the EEG test. You may also be given a sedative to help you relax and sleep before the test begins. After the EEG test is over, you can continue with your regular routine.
  • However, if you were given a sedative, the medication will remain in your system for a little while. This means that you’ll have to bring someone with you so they can take you home after the test.
  • You’ll need to rest and avoid driving until the medication wears off
  • If you are given a sedative for the EEG test- complete normal activity may take 4-6 hours

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