Brain Cancer Surgery and treatment- Every day is important?

Brain Cancer Surgery and treatment- Shall I do a surgery?

brain cancer treatment surgery
Brain cancer treatment , brain tumour and brain surgery are one of the difficult surgeries of the brain
One must remember that surgery alone will not cure the patient with brain cancer. A PET scan of whole body may have to be done to evaluate cancer in rest of body
Brain cancer surgery can have complications like paralysis, seizures, urine problems, stool problems, unclear speech, slurred speech, vision problems
Sometimes, there is small risk of brain infection, brain clot, IVH, subarachnoid hemmorhage
Besides brain surgery, treatment includes epilepsy treatment, headache treatment, paralysis treatment, physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupation therapy, diet guidance by dietician, gait and balance training

Driving and swimming has to avoided after brain cancer surgery for 1-2 years

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