How Dr Sumeet Dhawan can help you to help achieve crawling over in your child

Dr. Sumeet Dhawan, as a podiatric physical therapist, plays a crucial role in helping children achieve the milestone of crawling. Here how Dr. Dhawan can assist in this process:

1. Assessment and Individualized Plan:

Dr. Dhawan will start by conducting a comprehensive assessment of your child physical development, muscle strength, range of motion, and any specific challenges they may be facing in crawling. Based on this assessment, he will create a tailored plan that addresses your child unique needs and abilities.

2. Specialized Exercises:

Dr. Dhawan will design a series of age-appropriate exercises and activities that focus on strengthening the relevant muscles and improving the motor skills required for crawling. These exercises will be designed to gradually progress as your child becomes more capable.

3. Progress Monitoring:

Dr. Dhawan will closely monitor your child progress during therapy sessions. He will make adjustments to the exercises and activities as needed to ensure that your child is making steady progress toward crawling.

4. Parental Education:

Dr. Dhawan will provide guidance and education to parents, teaching them how to assist and support their child therapy at home. This empowers parents to be active participants in their child development.

5. Motivation and Encouragement:

Dr. Dhawan will create a supportive and motivating environment during therapy sessions. He will work to make these sessions enjoyable for your child, encouraging their active participation.

6. Safety and Comfort:

Dr. Dhawan will prioritize your childĀ  safety and comfort during therapy. Exercises will be conducted in a secure, child-friendly setting where your child feels at ease.

7. Holistic Approach:

Dr. Dhawan will consider all aspects of your child development, including sensory and motor skills, to create a holistic therapy plan that supports not only crawling but also other developmental milestones.

8. Progress Reports:

Dr. Dhawan will provide regular progress reports to keep parents informed about their child development and the effectiveness of the therapy plan. This transparency helps parents track their child improvement.

9. Collaboration:

Dr. Dhawan may collaborate with other healthcare professionals, such as paediatricians or occupational therapists, to ensure comprehensive care for your child’s overall development.

By enlisting the expertise of Dr. Sumeet Dhawan, parents can access specialized knowledge and
a personalized plan to help their child achieve milestones like crawling. Dr. Dhawan's guidance and support can make a significant difference in your child developmental journey, ensuring they reach their full potential and continue to meet important developmental milestones.

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