Discover and Play: Sensory Activities for Your 8-Month-Old

Sensory play activities are a fantastic way to stimulate an 8-month-old child’sĀ  developing senses and encourage exploration. At this age, babies are becoming more curious and are eager to touch, taste, and discover their surroundings. Here a list of sensory play activities suitable for an 8 month-old:

1. Tummy Time with Textured Mats:

Place an assortment of textured mats on the floor and encourage tummy time. Babies can feel the different textures on their skin while building neck and upper body strength.

2. Sensory Balls:ā€‹ā€‹

Provide soft, squeezable sensory balls with different textures for the baby to touch and grasp.

3. Exploration with Soft Fabrics:ā€‹

Offer a variety of soft fabrics, such as silk, satin, and velour, for the baby to feel and explore. You can also drape these fabrics over their body during playtime.

4. Sensory Blocks:

Soft, colorful sensory blocks with various textures and shapes can be stacked, squished, and explored by little hands.

5. Mirror Play:

Place a baby-safe unbreakable mirror in front of the baby. They will enjoy looking at their reflection and making different facial expressions.

6. Texture Book:

Provide a soft fabric or cloth book with textures like furry animals or crinkly pages for the baby to explore.

7. Sensory Bottles:

Create sensory bottles with water, glitter, or small floating objects. Babies can observe the movement and explore the visual stimulation.

8. Rattles and Shakers:

Offer a variety of baby-safe rattles and shakers with different sounds and textures for the baby to hold and shake.

9. Exploration of Safe Foods:

Introduce safe and age-appropriate foods like peeled cucumber, banana, or avocado for the baby to touch, taste, and explore with their hands.

10. Gentle Nature Walks:

Take the baby on nature walks where they can touch leaves, grass, and other natural textures. Always ensure safety and supervision during these activities.

11. Sensory Stacking Rings:

Soft stacking rings with textures can be stacked and unstacked by the baby, providing tactile stimulation.

12. Sensory Mobiles:

Hang a colorful, baby-friendly sensory mobile above the crib or playpen. Babies can reach out and explore the dangling objects.

13. Soft Musical Toys:

Musical toys with soft textures and engaging tunes can provide both sensory and auditory stimulation.

14. Sensory Tag Blankets:

Soft tag blankets with various textures and attached tags for the baby to grasp.

15. Foam Shapes:

Large, soft foam shapes with different textures can be used for sensory exploration and safe play.

16. Water Play in a Safe Environment:

Fill a shallow basin with a small amount of warm water and allow the baby to play with their hands, splashing and feeling the water.

17. Soft Play Gym:

Gym: Use a soft, padded play gym with hanging toys for the baby to reach out and interact with different textures.

18. Texture Walk on Bubble Wrap:

Place bubble wrap on the floor and help the baby take gentle steps on it while supported by an adult.

19. Soft Feely Bag:

Create a feely bag with different soft textures inside, and let the baby reach in and explore.

20. Bath Time Sensory Play:

Bathe the baby with soft washcloths, sponges, and cups of water for sensory exploration during bath time.

Always prioritize safety during sensory play activities, and supervise the baby closely. Keep in mind that babies at this age will explore with their mouths, so ensure that all materials are non- toxic and free from small parts that can be swallowed. Sensory play not only provides stimulation but also enhances fine and gross motor skills, cognitive development, and social interaction as they explore the world around them.

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