What causes bedwetting- Learn from the best sources?

What causes bedwetting

bedwetting; nocturnal enuresis

What Causes nocturnal enuresis or bedwetting?
the exact causes of nocturnal enuresis are unknown. But the below mentioned facts may play a role:
• Hormonal problems. A hormone antidiuretic hormone, controls the urine production. In some people, the production of this hormone is reduced leading to excessive urine production when they are sleeping.
• Bladder problems. In some people with bedwetting, excessive bladder muscle spasms causes repeated urination. Some adults have relatively small bladders that can't hold a lot of urine.
• Genetics. Some adults with bedwetting have a parent who had similar bedwetting
• Sleep problems. Some teens have deep sleep that they don't wake up to pass urine
• Caffeine. Excessive caffeine in tea, coffee, cold drinks
• Medical conditions. Medical disorders such as diabetes, urine infection, constipation,
• Psychological problems. stress may be linked to enuresis.
It is seen that twice guys have bedwetting compared to girls. bedwetting is often seen with ADHD.
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