Best Pediatric Neurologist in India

Dr Sumeet has completed his DM in Paediatric Neurology from PGIMER, Chandigarh. He has experience of 8.5 years of managing children with difficult pediatric and neurological problems. He has trained 200 pediatric doctors in PGI Chandigarh during his tenure. He has done observership in Glasgow, United Kingdom. He has given oral presentations in Brazil, Glasgow and Japan. He has 50 publications in National and International journals

He is one of the few child specialist in Chandigarh with experience in speech therapy, autism treatment, child development and behavior, rheumatology, nephrology, endocrinology, pulmonology, allergy, asthma, arthiritis, growth problems as well.

He has expertise in management of headache, migraine treatment, refractory epilepsy, West syndrome, convulsions, EEG test procedures, epilepsy, febrile seizures, absence seizures, cerebral palsy, GDD, mental retardation, intellectual disability, childhood stroke, dizziness, vertigo, back pain, behavioral problems like autism, hyperactivity, ADHD. cervical pain, back pain, cervical radiculopathy, lumbar radiculopathy, speech therapy, autism treatment

The clinic specializes in treatment of neurological disorder of both adults and children

Treatment of Children like speech delay, speech therapy, autism therapy, autism treatment, cerebral palsy treatment, development delay, weak child, mental retardation

Treatment of Adults: cervical pain, neck pain, back pain, spine specialist, numbness, neuropathy, headache treatment, weakness, paralysis, stroke, dizziness, vertigo, memory loss, depression, anxiety, parkinson disease, tremor, hand and head shaking, bells face paralysis


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