Story book for speech therapy at home

Speech Therapy at home using story books

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Naisha Story books. Buy 24 book pack. Purchase here

maple press book for speech therapy

Maple Press book. Purchase here

Fairy tale books for speech therapy . Purchase here

First reader books for speech therapy. Purchase here

First reader books. Purchase here

Colured beads..Helps in interaction, fine motor activities, helps in colour identification, help in commands training. Can be purchased from amazon

Improves attention, intelliegence, builts up patience, can be used to train commands, colours, patterns. Can be purchased from amazan

Let's Find Out When Story Telling Step-by-Step

Product 1: Visual Discrimination, Early Learning Concepts, Improve ability to Ask and Answer questions, Practice Expressive and Receptive language
Product 2: Observation, Concentration, Logical Thinking, Sequencing

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picture matching Match and Learn Card Game
Match and Learn

Match and learn. Focuses on attention, concentration, intelligence, commands, reducing distraction

Sensory Clay Cards and Motor Activity Kit
Sensory Clay Cards and Motor Activity Kit

Teaches numbers, colours, reduces hand flapping, improves attention, can be used to teach numbers, improves eye contact, improves joint attention, improves commands, reduces hyperactivity. Can be purchased from amazon

for children over 4 years of age. For children who can identify colours, shapes. Helps in improving attention, commands, focus, concentration. Improves problem solving abilities. Can be brought from amazon

action words and teaching commands
action words and teaching commands

Action words to teach actions and giving commands. For children 4 years and above. Can be used in younger children who can copy actions. Verbal expression, communication skills, corrects use of verbs, teaching actions, teaching, matching picture to word cards. Purchase from amazon

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