Shy Shareef Seedha child- Should you neglect it?

Shy Shareef Seedha Child

social body cues

Does your child have difficulty in reading social cues?

It’s a very common problem, but difficult to describe the exact nature of problem.

Common difficulties include

  • Difficulty reading eye expression
  • Difficulty reading body language
  • Difficulty understanding tone of language
  • Difficulty understanding facial expression
  • Difficulty understanding abusive language
  • Difficulty understanding insult
  • Difficulty understanding when someone is making fun

 These simple behavior problems are neglected as shy child or shy person; shareef; Ziddi child; seedha child. In short all these are behavioral problems

Other problems which may be seen include:

  • Poor relationships
  • Staying alone
  • No friends
  • Difficulty maintaining relationship
  • Apne aap me mast rehna or self absorbed
  • Not looking at your face when you are talking

Some of these symptoms may be seen in autism as well. To read  more,

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