Home speech therapy, occupation therapy and behavior therapy plan for speech delay and autism

autism treatment
Autism speech therapy can be done at home with proper guidance
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For details on home training session (sunday) on speech therapy, occupation therapy, read this page for further details. To know more on autism and speech delay, read here 

Our approach is target based, or a problem behavior based approach, gives a much better perspective for training the child. Child’s diagnosis of speech delay, autism and ADHD, will fluctuate depending on level of training. It is important to remember that every person is different, unique, and has strengths and limits, regardless of their diagnosis or classification. 

The Home therapy treatment by Dr. Sumeet Dhawan, who is DM (Doctorate in Medicine) in Pediatrics Neurology from PGIMER, Chandigarh, is one of the most effective and useful approaches to treat children of all ages who suffer from this illness. Dr Sumeet, has tremendous 8.5 years working experience of working with difficult children in PGI Chandigarh

The programme will focus the practical application of occupation therapy, sensory integration therapy, special education, habit therapy and behavior treatment in a straightforward manner that parents can accomplish at home.

We will take a detailed session on home training of children with hyperactivity, speech delay and inattention. The session will last for minimum 3 hours, where we will train the parents for home care. 

The training will emphasise practical use of occupation therapy, sensory integration therapy, special education and behavior therapy in easy to understand hindi language, in a simple manner, which can be done at home by parents

All children with

  • Speech delay
  • Children with attention problems
  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • ADHD
  • Hyperactivity
  • Aggressive children
  • Slow learners,
  • Downs’s children
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Genetic disorders
  • Child with sensory problems
  • Children with stimming behaviours
  • Al these children will benefit from the session

We believe you (a parent, teacher, family member, maid or caretaker) will be able to acquire and apply necessary knowledge when working with an autistic child.

Presence of both the parents is advisable during the session. Even the grand parents should be present. Maid/helpers of child should be present during the session

The sessions will be held on Sunday afternoons at first, with plans to expand to other days later on.

Step 1: Watch all the videos of Dr Sumeet on youtube. To find the video, type speech delay Dr Sumeet Dhawan in Youtube.

Step 2: After watching the films, write a list of your child’s excellent behaviors, poor habits, and problems. (sample copy- click here) https://bit.ly/41w6ABY

Step3: click here to purhase the toys 

step 4: Read about autism and speech delay, from drsumeet.com  and record your findings in the register.

Prepare to take notes during the meeting. We will also supply you with notes for exercises that you must complete at home. Please write this in the register in your own handwriting. Post them on your wall to be reviewed every day.

First long session– will be for minimum 3 hours. This is actually, six sessions delivered in one day. The basic introductory sessions are available on youtube, free of cost. 

Will discussion on

1. Basics of speech therapy- helping to improve listening, attention, identification and instructions. Teaching body parts, members of family

2. Basics of home occupation therapy activities at home

3. Play therapy- play techniques to be used while training

4.Basic of academic learning- teaching concept of numbers, counting, colours

5. Daily activities training- toilet training, food and eating training

6 Initiating socialisation

7 Habit and behavior training

8 Sensory integration therapy for sensory behaviors, repetitive behaviors, repeating phrases, 

You may need to attend the sessions again, after 1-2 weeks, to get a better grip and understanding on actual performing of session. You can attend these sessions again at 50% discount. 

First Session Charges (online, group session)- 4-5 hours Approx-Rs 8500(combination of 10 sessions in one day). This One month plan include grand session and 2 follow up OPD/online consult. (Rs 12500 for overseas parents visiting India for Parent training Session)

Since the session is a long one and parents may not attend all the concept in 1 grand session, we suggest to attend the grand session 3-4 times in 6 months

6 month plan includes access to live Grand Session (3 times in 6 months) and 6 follow up OPD/online consult. The charges for this 6 month plan is Rs 18000 (Rs 23000 for overseas parents visiting India for Parent training Session)

The longer you continue consultation, the more benefit you and your child will get from the training process

 International counselling charges for first session- Rs 18000. 225 US dollars, 180 british pounds (GBP), 350 australian dollars, payment via palpal ID drsumeetdhawan

After exhausting the free follow up consultation, charges are Rs 1500 per session of 20min. Charges are valid for single OPD/online session

 Due to busy OPD, we may not be able to trouble shoot you on a daily basis. You will have to book a consult to discuss your issues

You may need to attend the sessions again, after 1-2 weeks, to get a better grip and understanding on actual performing of session. You can attend these sessions again at 50% discount. The retention level after first session is usually 50%, which improves to 60-70%, when attended for second time, and 80-90% when attended for third time. So the 6 month plan help in the long run

Learning requires repeated revision of concepts

When you attend the session once, your learning is 30-70% depending on your previous therapy experience

Second time session: We suggest attending the session, after 4-8 weeks for better clarity and revision. This will improve your parent therapy practice to 60-80%. Plus in question of answer session, u are free to ask question. Its desirable whatsapp your queries/issues before the session, for better results

Third time session-Once you attend the session for third time after 6-8 weeks, your learning mistakes and technique improve to 70-90%. Plus in question of answer session, u are free to ask question. Its desirable whatsapp your queries/issues before the session, for better results

In between, one to one consult to discuss progress with Dr Sumeet, will further help to improve the therapy training experience. This is recommended once every 2-4 weekly

We have incorporated this into one comprehensive home therapy plan of 6 months. Where you can attend the session, three times, have a group discussion with other parents. Plus you will get 6 one to one consultation opportunities with Dr Sumeet Dhawan (with prior appointment). This can be offline or online based on your convenience.

We have observed that the parents who seek regular consultation, benefit the most. As without guidance, your development training mistakes might develop without guidance. The charges for this 6 monthly process in only 18000, which come about to Rs 3000, per month. For NRI, the charges are Rs 30,000 for this six moths plan. NRI includes those parents staying overseas, or NRI visiting India for training/therapy

You will get a link for the seesion  on whatsapp. The link would be of google meet. Please arrange broadbanf/wifi connectivity to ensure good live streaming. 

The payment has to be made online through google pay, UPI, paypal or Razorpay

Payment link for online consult


International payment by PayPal. Click link https://bit.ly/3CZhK6J Or type username drsumeetdhawan or phone no 8208537763

Or phonepe 8208537763

UPI id 8208537763@axl
UPI id sumeetchd@ybl



For further individual consultation

  1. Make a list of improvements in your child
  2. Make a list of problems you are facing
  3. Make small 30-45 second video of problems you are facing
  4. Specific queries if any
  5. Schedule an appointment with Dr Sumeet, on whatsapp. Make the payment as directed.

No video recording will not be provided. However, we will be launching, app based pre-recorded lectures/session, which will help you in revising the concepts

  • This lesson focuses on parent-child training behaviors and patterns. Children’s education is usually indirect because they learn from their parents. We want to maximize your child’s learning potential.
  • We will first focus on the child’s learning to listen and identify household objects.

    1. Determine who the members are.
    2. Socialization
    3. Toilet training
    4. Discipline in food training
    5. Orientation of household things
    6. Increased Concentration
    7. Increased attention
    8. Reduce your hyperactivity.
    9. Improved sleep reduces weeping and rage tantrums
    10. Increase your sitting time.
    11. Improved command following and instructions as a result of adjusting with other youngsters
    12. And finally Speech
    13. Reduction of crying and anger episodes

Typically it takes 1-3 months to start achieving these goals. Though the improvements may be seen as early as 2 weeks. The sequence of improvement varies in different children and speed of improvement also varies in different children

We try to keep the cost to the minimum. The initial cost of training is only Rs 6000. One month plan costs only Rs 8500. Subsequent cost from second month to sixth month is hardly Rs 2000-3000 per month. No therapy centre will provide you guidance at this low pricing

The first session includes 10 sessions. So, the effective cost per session is Rs 500 which is very reasonable. In future, this price might increase. So, grab the early bird rates

Secondly, the session is training session and not a therapy session. The charges of one training session of 30 min ranges from 2000-5000 per session. I guess, we are the only provider of home therapy plans. 

You might feel that subsequent cost of Rs 1500 is high. However, with the quality of training provided, you will need only 1-2 such visits/consultation per month (which is Rs 1500-3000 per month). 

The cost of therapy centre in metro cities range from Rs 20000-50000 per month and small cities from Rs 10000-25000 per month, which totals to Rs 1.5 lakh in metros and Rs 60,000 in small cities. Many parents would have spent lakhs of rupees before coming to us. Comparing these costs, our costs are only 5-10% of therapy centre cost. Moreover, the results in home speech plans and autism plans are much better

Internationally, therapies cost 100 dollar per hour, with monthly cost of 2000-4000 dollars. So, our international pricing is fairly low with unmatched results. Home therapy plans are priced at 3000-5000 USD in United States

Testimonials/feedback of home autism treatment

autism home treatment
Single counselling session effect, in 10 days, in 21 month child
home training for parents for autism treatment
parent training session in clinic, for 1.5 hours, 2.6 yr child, progress in 3.5 months
home training for parents for autism treatment
parent training session in clinic, for 1.5 hours, 2.6 yr child, progress in 3.5 months

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