Peaceful Play: Calming Activities for Your Energetic 3-Year-Old

Calming activities for a three-year-old can help them relax, regulate their emotions, and transition to a more settled state. Here are some calming activities suitable for a three-year-old:

Reading Quietly:

  • Read a calm and soothing book together. Choose stories with gentle rhythms and calming themes.

Soft Music:

  • Play soft and calming music in the background. Instrumental or nature sounds can be particularly soothing.

Gentle Touch:

  • Provide a gentle massage or engage in light stroking on their back or arms. This can promote relaxation.

Breathing Exercises:

  • Teach simple breathing exercises. Encourage them to take slow breaths, inhaling and exhaling deeply.

Bubble Play:

    • Blow bubbles together. Watching the bubbles can be mesmerizing and calming.

Sensory Bottles:

  • Create sensory bottles filled with glitter, water, or soft materials. These can be shaken gently for a calming effect.

Quiet Play with Toys:

  • Offer toys that promote quiet play, such as soft dolls, stuffed animals, or building blocks.

Nature Exploration:

  • Spend time outdoors observing nature. The calming effects of being in nature can be beneficial.

Coloring or Drawing:

  • Provide coloring books or blank paper and crayons. Coloring can be a calming and creative activity.

Cuddling with a Stuffed Animal:

  • Encourage them to cuddle with a favorite stuffed animal or soft blanket.

Yoga for Kids:

  • Introduce simple yoga poses suitable for young children. Yoga can promote relaxation and body awareness.

Quiet Play Corner:

  • Create a designated quiet play area with soft cushions and calming toys


  • Sing or play gentle lullabies. Music with a slow tempo can have a calming effect.

Warm Bath:

  • A warm bath with calming scents, such as lavender, can help relax a child before bedtime.


  • Tell or read a calm and soothing story. Make it a quiet and enjoyable time together.

Shadow Play:

  • Use a flashlight to create simple shadow play on the wall. This can be a calming and imaginative activity.

Mindful Breathing with Props:

  • Use props like bubbles or feathers to engage them in mindful breathing exercises. Inhale deeply, blow the bubble, and watch it float away.

Soft Blanket Time:

  • Wrap them in a soft blanket and let them lie down or snuggle. This can create a comforting and calming environment.
  • Remember to be attentive to the child’s cues and preferences, as what works for one child may differ from another. These calming activities can be incorporated into daily routines or used as needed to help create a peaceful atmosphere.

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